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Apolo West: Start of Something New

To start always is hard, to build the bases for a new life is always late and hard. But it's worth it if you do what you like and believe in yourself. To you who are reading this I want to give you a very nice welcome to my life, I hope you enjoy my presence.

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Apolo West: Start of Something New

To start always is hard, to build the bases for a new life is always late and hard. But it's worth it if you do what you like and believe in yourself. To you who are reading this I want to give you a very nice welcome to my life, I hope you enjoy my presence.

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Flavio Garay: Video Sale Plus Free Hot Stuff

The videos I will be offering you during this Weekly Sale are the following:#2 "Fuck Me - Ass Roleplay" - 60% off!#2 "Whole View to Cum Hard" - 70% off!Check them out and please leave a thumb up!Reviews are very appreciated. Your comments will help other viewers to know what to expect when they are searching for some hot male action. Also, your comments motivate me to continue improving in my shows. Anyone who leaves a review on any of these videos will get FREE access during 30 days to one of my best performances ever.The Weekly Sale will end on April 28, so reviewers please check your account on April 29 to find my xxx gift.XOXO. LOVE. FG.

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Flavio Garay: Pvt Winners

I was sick the last two weeks. I will be back online next Monday after the housekeeper leaves. Guys who won PVT shows in the last contest are welcome to redeem their tickets anytime till December 31, 2018.Fan Club memberships will be extended accordingly to the days I have been off. In that manner, members will not miss any of my sexy shows.Keep enjoying my chatroom!XOXO. LOVE. FG

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Matt Nice: Short Winded Drama About Seeking Relationships

So IRL as in out side of being Matt-Nice for a bit. im really lacking key elements that would make me a good friend or lover. I am trying to first decide whether it should be man women or trans.But the world doesn't work that way and all three have vast is more likely among demographics that occur in all three as in my types: body and spirit (spirit as in psyche) its also dependent on events and how they occur.I have a certain style of sex that requires "shaft" for its complete performance.ive got my own double dildo strap harness just in case i do end up in a fling or relationship with a female(so if she likes DP i can top rock) not to mention the other possible applications of a strap on. (if she has one)Alright im Matt-Nice again who wants to see me shake my ass some. lol stay connected

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Matt Nice: Making Friends

i'm on the prowl gunna scout out some sexy talent in this city and make it majorly. Also im postponing my live performances for at least a couple days.Here have this my. Twitter it gets sexier by the day.

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Dan Hemper: I Dicided Keeping My Own Blog

Well Humanity, I start to keep my blog and here I just want to share with all of you that part of my life when I'm not online here. :DIn real I always hated Dairies and something like that but this all just remind me Kinda keeping dairy xD But no I don't wanna do what I hate 🙂 I will fill my blog with things what REAlly HAPPENED AND STILL HAPPEN to my life, to me, to people i like, love and to persons I just have much fun with 😀 Also will try to make one post daily at least, but can't promise that (Cause I am lazy enought X) PLEASE READ ME AND POST YOU OPINION ABOUT WHOLE THAT MY IDEA HERE.

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The Gay Real World Cast: Our 1st Day on Flirt

Hey everyone, and thanks for joining us today, we had a blast. The people at Flirt have been very welcoming of the gay real world cast and made us feel right at home, as have all of you.Thanks for joining us today and we will be back tomorrow and every day right here so you can chat with us and get to know us and as we will get to know you all.For those members of our 24 hour cam house "" we hope you are excited about our move of our chats here, it will definitely open up more possibilities, feel free to give us your feedback, as we do all this for you.Till tomorrow The GRW Cast

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David Baltazar: Dirty Limerick

I thought I would use this space today to post some limericks that a couple of my fans sent to me. Hope you enjoy. The minute you walk through the telling what David has in store...nothing is sweeter...than when he plays with his peter...and makes lots of cum on the floor.A fellow named David the hottest sex model by can lick on his crack...while he's flat on his back...and he jams on his sweet air guitar.While he poses in his hot can tell by just one glance...that as a bottom gay...David's ready to play...just don't ever ask him to dance.this just in, a news flash: david has a secret stash; an extensive collection of artful perfection - some records from johnny cashIn old English: A fellow by the name of Daveth...large genitalia he doth craveth...when his pussy doth twitch...he behaveth as a bitch...too late his virginity to saveth.As David lay there spread wide...not a single bulge can he his undies he strokes...for some homosexual blokes...all wishing to be by his side.David's underpants are very tight...though the bulge in front is rather slight...but while posing for dudes...his 6 inch boner protrudes...and he strokes it with all of his might.when david wears those rubber bands upon the wrists below his hands; don't be fooled by this tomfoolery, he's too cheap to buy jewelry, and the prices just don't meet his demandswhen talking to david about being a bottom, he revealed a secret, and i finally caught him; he said, "dont be terse, i just like to be vers," and that was the moment i sought hima guy named david, who was so gay, had no problem when it came time to play; they thought, "he's old, how can be be this bold," when i said, "he's just prematurely" graydavid is a massive flirt, that is why he wears no shirt. his hairy legs will raise some pegs, even if you wear a skirt

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Alberto Carlo: Como Me Convert En Protagonista De La Web Cam

Todo comenzó una mañana hace no mucho tiempo creo solo han pasado 3 años pero parecen mas de la cuenta tanta aventuras y locuras en la webcam me ha dejado muchos recuerdos hermosos. y grandes deseos por cumplir y compartir.les cuento pues solo tenia 19 años cuando por un anuncio en facebook me di cuenta de lo que me gustaba de niño a escondidas podía recibir supuesta mente un pago gratificante; yo no creía pero era curioso a si que proseguí y entre con un estudio en el cual aprendí todo lo necesarios hasta lograr en pocos años trabajar para mi gracias a F4F y sus links de afiliados.ahora todo es un poco mas diferente ya que puedo hacer uso de mi tiempo y realizar mis múltiples rutinas artísticas y deportivas.lo mejor es regresar al día siguiente y reír,bailar y disfrutar mi cuerpo antes de empezar mi largo día junto a esta familia.

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Flavio Garay: Fan Club Members

This week (April 8 to 14) I will not be performing the scheduled shows for my Fan Club Members. I still have a little fever, so I will take the week off till I get better.Every Fan Club membership will be extended 7 days, so you will not miss a single minute of these hot experiences I have designed for you.In the meantime, you might want to check my newest videos. Please feel free to leave me a review or a comment letting me know what you like most about my shows, and please share with me some ideas about how I can better fulfill your sexual fantasies.XOXO. LOVE. FG

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Joh Baker: Joh Baker

yesterday was something beautiful, then today was all good, I met incredible people who made me happy and made me enjoy and gave them back the same giving them love and passion. having the security that I made them happy thanks to my followers kisses.

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Lucas Jacobs: The Moving Process

It's been a little while since I've done one of these, I will not be streaming as much for about a week, I have just started the process of moving which is both a nightmare and a blessing not to mention going to Mexico for my birthday. Once I return on the 18th I will be going back to camming with the vengeance ;). Get ready for a set schedule and fan shows, see you all soon ;D!!

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Joh Baker: Johbaker

First week as a model, start competing like all things in life, at first it is difficult, you can only be constant and disciplined to achieve success, I like, I had fun, I was happy to please My visitors know that they They like and are happy with what they are told. last week from Monday to Friday I was focused on the page and doing gym, the weekend I edique, Saturday and Saturday night mountain biking, which is something that I love, at night I went to mass. and I see a series (the house and the paper) is recommended Spanish.

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Aj Strongbone: Strongbone Experience

Hey now.. what can I say, never thought I was gonna do this cam performer thing around this time a year ago, but just like with anything in life-things change and your well being, spirit & emotional output in life takes a different turn and enters a different stage in life as you grow stronger & become more mature as a person.Itâs been 3 months now and I have to say it had been a positive experience talking to my sexy bitches online and I mean that with upmost respect and my viewers pretty much understand it because itâs all about having fun in the chat room.. I mean thereâs been day that the money is good and thereâs been day where itâs not and believe me I donât like waisting my time with a job that doesnât make me earn money, I like bring productive & sufficient with my work, but like anything it takes time and patience to build a client base and so far its been descent (Iâd like to give a shout out to my sexy bitches if your reading this please be more generous with me cause Iâm pretty generous with everyone and flirt take a pretty good cut on what I make so please go figure-Iâm all about having fun with you guys and Iâd like you guys to enjoy & laugh and be yourself with me in the room as I dominate my foot-ass lovers & show my sensual sexy side to other viewers, Iâm pretty flexible when it comes down to being able to relate to what my viewers wanna see, I guess itâs all the life experience that Iâve had, a few setbacks in life that Iâve had-I turned it around and made it a set up for a comeback that made me struggle in life, but without the struggle their would have no progress.So my creativie faith in my spirit and my strong imagination gave me the power to gain knowledge thatâs made the Strongbone that I am today and you all thought it was a sexual term but itâs way more beyond than just a strongbone in the sack lol.I value my health and well being everyday I watch what I eat because what we eat absolutely without a doubt affects our way physically & mentally in life and it comes back to us, weâre all connected with what we put in our bodies, I fo love to strength train and lift strong and do my boxing had a good sparring match today with a guy almost 20 years younger than me but I still handled his ass-no disrespect, so please letâs not take our bodies for granted cause we canât just go to the store and buy another piece of arms,legs, eyes, liver, lungs and yet Iâm amazed how people just take it for granted.Our mind and bodies are the only thing that we really own while weâre still breathing and walking ion this planet.Iâll see you guys soon in planet Uranus.. you get it Uranus., Thank you and best of mind & spirit to everyone, AJ STRONGBONE

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Jake Barrett: Messaging and Replies

Dear all, Just wanted to sincerely apologize for not responding to messages or gifts some of you have sent me! If this applies to you, please know I have been trying for days to reach out to you with my many thanks and appreciation, however technical difficulties have been getting in the way. Support staff have been helping me with this, so I will be getting back to all of you hopefully very soon!

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Flavio Garay: About My Recent Reviews

You melt my heart, guys. You are awesome. Right now, I should be getting my luggage ready to take my flight tomorrow. But I'm still here reading your nice reviews in my profile, answering your messages in my mail box, and checking your comments in my videos.It's a great feeling when you tell me "you made my day", or "you make me smile", or "you make me happy", or "I'm having fun", or "stay another hour, dude!", or "are you going to be here tomorrow?".I couldn't be online much lately. I'm working in a couple of situations that I need to get solved by the end of the year. Still, the few hours we spent together these lasts few days were just spectacular. Easter Weekend was amazing: you flooded my room with almost 500 eggs. Thanks to all of you!!!If you have fun, I have fun.If you smile, I smile.When you say "LMAO", I go crazy.Keep enjoying my room.Keep having fun with my shows.Keep chatting with me.Keep in touch.I will keep bringing you a lot of fun.XOXO. LOVE. FG

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Jake Barrett: School Daze

Hello again, all! I am currently in the process of sprucing up my profile to better serve you, my wonderful and lovely patrons 🙂 Assignments and exams have me under the weather, but getting to see you all again soon is what's helping me push through!

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Jake Barrett: Another Monday

To my loving and wonderful fans and patrons:As many of you may know, I attend college on a full-time basis and find my time pretty well stretched between classes, extra curricular activities, and exams. However, thereâs always one particular activity I ALWAYS look forward to, and thatâs visiting with and spending time with you!

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Jym Berry: My Day

well today as a sample daystart very early and go to gym, later i go to ride my bycicle and go to my work i like ride my bicycle for all my city really is very nice to me well i try to upload new historis

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Mattie More: Hey Sexy's!

I would love to introduce myself to you all! I'm a sissy girl in training slowly working toward a possible transition. In the meantime I still enjoy the masculine and feminine sides of sexuality. I'm extremely kinky so don't hesitate to run all your wildest dreams by me. I'm smart, sweet and sassy just like any sissy girl should be. I'm a switch but my submissive side comes out more during sex. I love to play music and write. I love the running, hiking and the beach. As I said there will be more but i just wanted to give you all an introduction. I hope to be seeing a lot of you all very soon because you'll be seeing a lot of me! 😉

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Alexander Devries & Honovii Streeter: Hi Yall

Just wanted to start off by saying Hi, and glad to have your eyes on us! Ty and I are very excited to perform for all of you and ready to make you hard! This is new to us , we are used to being filmed, but there have been alot of technical problems in this new endeavor. Please hang in with us!

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