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Darin Reese: My First Day 2018-06-18

I chose to take the dive and experience this. It has been a splash for sure. I enjoy chat with guests, and potential and customers. I like being their enteretainment while having loads of fun each chat, Party mode, and Private mode basically just broadcasting. I llok forward happily to anticipate what my future holds as a webcam Model.Thank You Eye Candy Web Model and Flirt4Free for the opportunity.Darin Reese

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Colton Matthews: The Truth of Behind the Scenes

I get a lot of comments, questions, and confusion from my viewers during chats on social media and on here. Viewers automatically presume that everything that I broadcast is what I do in my private life. Thatâs false. Iâm here to show off for a variety of different viewers. You came to see me perform your dirty thoughts.. 😉 Some are women, men, gay, straight, bi, kinky, not kinky and so forth. I try to cater to all of you so everyone can see what theyâd like. My shows are acts and do not represent my own personal fantasies and pleasures. I do shows to cater to other peopleâs interests and not my own. If I solely did my own kinks, pleasures, etc.... I wouldnât have many viewer- that limits what is performed on camera. Itâs about making this fun for you! I do my own thing off scenes. Just wanted to clarify and let my fans know! This is the adult industry and theres a lot of acting involved during filming. Whatâs recorded is for the viewers pleasure. What you see me perform does not define who I am/do off camera. Thanks! :)Colton Matthews

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Carter Myles: Why I Vape!

Hey guys! First blog post on here 🙂 Now I'm going to talk about why I vape. You see me do it all the time when I am online. First off, I started smoking cigarettes when I was 6 years old 🙁 Yea..... and I kept smoking till I was 14. Then I finally quit. But as a lot of people know it is hard to stay off once you have quit. Some of my friends started vaping, so I got into it as well. Now I can happily say I have not smoked a cigarette in years. And for those of you who don't know, vaping is about 100x safer than cigarettes. Do your research before making assumptions.

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Brad Connor: Mi Llegada a Colombia Medellin

April 13, I set out to travel to Colombia in search of happiness, like the name of a well-known film hahahaha leaving everything in Venezuela I settle in this beautiful country that with much love opened my arms and welcomed me, it is hard to leave everything you want, it is difficult to leave your loved ones, but, "when it plays it plays" hahaha putting the chest to life and above all my interminable struggle to get my happiness, as it was achieved by the protagonist of such a good movie, the nobody told me that it would be easy hahahaha but, as they say there, what that comes easy easy goes, rule of life, greetings everyone is unconditionally loved , I hope to find people with good conversation topics, I hope to find people with good principles and values ââbecause despite what I consider to be the most important thing to have a very good relationship, I hate lies and betrayal I like above all the transparency I am more than believing in loyalty and in unconditional love ,I still know people I keep analyzing people and from there I see who can give me good energy and good chemistry greetings again and thanks for taking the time to read this little reviewGreetings everyone wantsWORLD, I HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON TO MY ROOM I HOPE TO CHAT WITH YOU AND above all I hope you ENJOY MY PRIVATE THAT I WILL LIKE YOU WILL BE CAREFUL AND THEY WILL BE GOOD TO ME, IF YOU WANT TO CARRY BAD ONLY BETWEEN MY SAlA AND I WILL PROMISE YOU THAT WE WE CARRY BAD THE TWO JAJAJAJAJAJA

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Colton Matthews: Im Colton

Hey everyone, Iâm Colton Matthews. Iâm 27 and was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I model for flirt4free. Iâm not the typical model. Even though I used to be a print model when I was younger.... I donât have the 6 pack body anymore. Iâm a gay cub. Which means I have some fur and a belly. Iâm a cub that models and caters to the LGBT community and really anyone who wants to watch me perform. Even straight guys sometimes take a gander. Iâm down to earth and I love meeting new people. Come check me out and get to know me. I love everyone that continues to watch my shows. I donât like to use the word fans, because Iâm not a celebrity. Iâm just a down to earth guy with an interesting job. Yes, guys, this is a job for me so tips are greatly appreciated. Canât wait to meet you!�"- Colton Matthews

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Josh Flint: Sorry I Been Away

Sorry i been away last few weeks. Last few weeks have been difficult with my grandmother passing away and my dog passed away too. and another family member just died in a work related accident two days ago. I'll be back after the funeral.

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Marco John: First Week on F4f

I have met so many cool people! Im really enjoying the atmosphere and chats that people have been giving to me in my room!Having fun, and I never know what to expect day by day. Everyday is full of fun and surprises. (Good ones) hehe. If anyone ever has any show ideas, requests, or anything of that matter. Please let me know! Today I was online for 4 hours and it flew by.. room filled up quick, and it was private show after private show. Which I love doing ! I always love to satisfy and have fun with people. Itâs a great way to wrk from home! I hope to see familiar faces on tomorrow! Iâm off work so Iâll be on as much as I can;) although I have to go to the gym and I get hungry a lot haha. Anyways, ttyl!

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Marco John: My First Blog

Hey everyone! Marco John here, i wanted to introduce myself real quick. I love sports, fishing, camping, and movies... music too of course!Iâve been online for a few days, and I have so much fun flexing and pleasing as well as recieving 😉 If anyone ever has any show ideas or tips requests. Let me know!Take care.

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Willie Maxwell: Welcome

I am a latin person with desire to learn a lot from you, I am here to be able to know and to be able to enter this world of which I have many expectations.I thank you all for welcoming me and I know that you can teach me many things.if you want to know something more soble my just ask me that I'll be here to answer you

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Anthon Bruni: My First Day

hey guys the first day in everything is very difficult and uncomfortable lolbut I'm happy to be with youI had always wanted to belong to this industry and the best thing of all is that I can interact with you too muchI want to invite you not to miss a moment of my training here at FLIRT4FREEI wait for you in my room !!!!!!!!!

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